Pastry Shop, Review

NATA – Lisboa Amsterdam

Okay, I have to confess. This is the easiest review I wrote by far. Just because its about something that I love.

First of all, I love pastei de nata! Because its the most neutral sweet cakes or pastry that I can enjoy it here in the Netherlands. While all the dutch cakes contain tons amount of cinnamon that I’m allergic to or a lot of sugar intakes that made your mouth cringe. Pastei de nata is just perfect! not too sweet for my taste, but sweet enough to enjoy. It’s just awesome.

Second of all, now they have special store for it! In Amsterdam! How cool is that! I can stop by anytime I want 😍😊. Thank you to my friend who informed me about this store.

When I came, I could smell the batch of pastei de nata that just came out of the oven. I have this sensitive smell when it comes to food. I can smell food from a far. Especially the tasty ones. 

The owner greeted me. He was super nice. I asked him how much is the price for one piece. It was €2 per piece. It was affordable price. Besides, it was quite big piece too.

So I ordered espresso along with one pastei de nata to eat in the cafe and I wanted 6 pieces more to go.

When I took that first bite… oh my God! It felt like I’m in heaven. The crust was crunchy and you could taste that there was a bit savoury crust. But the filling is the winner, it was still warm and so gooey and sweet. It gave a perfect balance between the crust and the filling. I cant get enough of it. I immediately ordered another one… What diet?

All in all, this place is officially becoming my favourite place to go. I’m really happy that they open in Amsterdam. I told all my friends who happened love pastei de nata as well and they wont be disappointed. Now they are looking forward to visit this store.

NATA – Lisboa Amsterdam

Scheldestraat 1

1078 GD Amsterdam

Opening Hours :

Mon – Fri   07.00-18.00

Sat – Sun    08.00-18.0

How to get there :

If you happen to be non Amsterdammer, from Amsterdam CS you can take :

– tram 1  and stop in Eerste Constantijn Huygenstraat

– tram 2 and stop in Van Baerlestraat

– tram 13 and stop in clercqstraat

– tram 17 and stop in Bilderdijkstraat/Kinkerstraat.

afterwards, take tram 12 to Amstelstation and stop at Scheldestraat. Once you step out the tram, you can see the store is just across the street.

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