Coffee Shop, Review

Filosofi Coffee

One the hippest coffee shop in Jakarta. Located in south Jakarta, this place is always crowded. To be honest, I'm not a fan of this place. The coffee was okay but the cashier and the barista werent friendly at all. I'm an Indonesia who live in the Netherlands. We all know that when it comes… Continue reading Filosofi Coffee

Coffee Shop, Review

Tanamera Coffee

I've heard about them a lot. So, I decided on my visit to Indonesia, I want to try their coffee. Coincedencely, the appartement where I stayed just accross the street from their coffeeshop. After grueling long haul flight, I need a good coffee. So I went to their place. The coffee was strong and good,… Continue reading Tanamera Coffee

Coffee Shop, Review

Mogador Coffee Haarlem

This is my first go to coffee place when my boyfriend still lived in Haarlem. Every weekend, we went to the centrum and grabbed our coffee here. Even when he wasnt home, I wandered around the centrum and always made stop in this place. It's my favourite place! Until today. Even though we didnt live… Continue reading Mogador Coffee Haarlem