Pastry Shop, Review

NATA – Lisboa Amsterdam

Okay, I have to confess. This is the easiest review I wrote by far. Just because its about something that I love. First of all, I love pastei de nata! Because its the most neutral sweet cakes or pastry that I can enjoy it here in the Netherlands. While all the dutch cakes contain tons… Continue reading NATA – Lisboa Amsterdam

Coffee Shop, Review


Another week, another coffee shop. Yesterday I went to small coffee shop in Elandsgracht area. I've heard a lot about them.  First impression, it was small and nice place. Even though it was packed. The staff was nice and friendly. It's always a good thing. They serve coffee, juice, cakes, sandwiches and toast. They have… Continue reading Koffiespot

Coffee Shop, Review

Coffee Roastery Amsterdam

I've been meant to visit this place for quite some times since I still gave class in Broderostraat. But since my class was always in the evening and they were already closed at 6 PM, so it was a bit impossible. The place itself is located a bit far from the center of Amsterdam, but… Continue reading Coffee Roastery Amsterdam

Coffee Shop, Review

Trakteren Koffie

I've heard a lot about this little gem in Amsterdam Oud-West. I've seen it several times when my husband and I grabbed dinner at Soul Burger. But since it was already evening and they were already closed. So there was nothing we could do about it. Yesterday I had a day off so I went… Continue reading Trakteren Koffie


It’s 4 years!

According to WordPress, today is my 4th Anniversary. I've been blogging with them for 4 years solid and yet most of my posts are still in draft sections 🤣🤣🤣 and haven't moving much since then. So much for writting! Okay, I need to be motivated to write more.