Making Youtube

Somewhere in August 2022, my phone memory was full. I cant hardly do anything. So, before I deleted all the video, I decided it to make a video. So, here we go!


Destination Italy : Milan and Verona

Next month I'm planning to take a short break and travel to Italy. I already have my heart and eyes on Milan and Verona for quite some times. But I need to make sure that my partner in crime is on board with the plan. So when he said that he was in, I immediately… Continue reading Destination Italy : Milan and Verona

City, Travel


Since I moved to the Netherlands, I've been planning to visit Düsseldorf for quite sometime. But somehow I didn't have the chance to go there. So when one of my friends planned to visit me and spent his school holiday in the Netherlands, I told him, what if we go to Düsseldorf as a daytrip? I… Continue reading Düsseldorf


Short Trip : Indonesia

I'm so bad. The minute I stopped working, I immediately looked for cheap ticket to get out of The Netherlands. Last month I went to Indonesia for 10 days just because I found cheap plane ticket. Emirates had promotion. You can get return ticket Amsterdam - Jakarta - Amsterdam for €500.  So I'm off to… Continue reading Short Trip : Indonesia


Summer Destination in 2016 : Scandinavia

This summer we decided to go Scandinavia. Just because the weather is more friendly in the summer than the european countries in the south. Last year we went to Italy in the summer. That didnt go well with my boyfriend. He got dehydration because the temperature was too hot. It was 38 degrees with real… Continue reading Summer Destination in 2016 : Scandinavia