Coffee Shop, Review

Bocca Coffee

I went to this place to meet a friend. I heard about this place before, but I've never been here. Actually I've been planning to, but it seemed I never made an effort and time to actually stop by till my friend asked me to have a coffee date. First impression, the place has nice… Continue reading Bocca Coffee

Ramdom Thoughts

My plan for 2017 : 3 countries and at least 10 new cities

It seems the realization of this plan will be easy breezy. But trust me, its not. When you're working and studying at the same times, all plans break loose. Sometimes you dont have time to do anything anymore. You dont want to write and dont have time to read your favourite books anymore. Moreover to… Continue reading My plan for 2017 : 3 countries and at least 10 new cities

City, Travel


Since I moved to the Netherlands, I've been planning to visit Düsseldorf for quite sometime. But somehow I didn't have the chance to go there. So when one of my friends planned to visit me and spent his school holiday in the Netherlands, I told him, what if we go to Düsseldorf as a daytrip? I… Continue reading Düsseldorf

Restaurant, Review

Schweine Janes

Yesterday I went to  Dusseldorf for daytrip with my friend. I've been there before with my family but that was long time ago and we've only gone to the ESPRIT outlet in Ratingen. So, that didnt count. This time is legit! While I was still on the train, I had a craving to eat pork… Continue reading Schweine Janes