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My plan for 2017 : 3 countries and at least 10 new cities

It seems the realization of this plan will be easy breezy. But trust me, its not. When you’re working and studying at the same times, all plans break loose.

Sometimes you dont have time to do anything anymore. You dont want to write and dont have time to read your favourite books anymore. Moreover to go traveling. Nowadays taking pictures, having coffees and dining out are my salvations. Occasionally  I met with friends for drink or movies or I took daytrip to the nearest countries or visiting cities that I haven’t been to just for the sake of my sanity.

Lets hope, I can make this resolution happens by the end of 2017.

P.S. I already opened my 2017 with Düsseldorf. So it means, 9 cities to go and of course, 3 countries as well. wish me luck…

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