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Since I moved to the Netherlands, I’ve been planning to visit Düsseldorf for quite sometime. But somehow I didn’t have the chance to go there. So when one of my friends planned to visit me and spent his school holiday in the Netherlands, I told him, what if we go to Düsseldorf as a daytrip? I could look out for cheap train tickets online. When he said yes, I immediately looked for cheap tickets. Boy, we were so lucky! I found ticket with ICE train only €38  per person for return. That is dirt cheap! So I booked the ticket.

I could proudly say, this trip was my first trip in 2017. It was a daytrip. But still, I had so much fun. When we arrived in Düsseldorf, the first thing we look for is FOOD!!! We made stop to great little restaurant called Schweine Janes. They have the best pork knuckle that I’ve ever had by far. It was so delicious… nomnomnom.

After that, we started strolling around the old town, Altstadt and went to few museums. It was awesome. Unfortunately, daytrip was not enough. Because this city is big and beautiful. Düsseldorf has so many great museums and I couldn’t visit them all in one day. I have to come here again and stay for few days to enjoy what the city could offer me.

All in all, Düsseldorf is a hit for me. I love the city and all the vibes. I think I will be seeing you soon!

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