Short Trip : Indonesia

I'm so bad. The minute I stopped working, I immediately looked for cheap ticket to get out of The Netherlands. Last month I went to Indonesia for 10 days just because I found cheap plane ticket. Emirates had promotion. You can get return ticket Amsterdam - Jakarta - Amsterdam for €500.  So I'm off to… Continue reading Short Trip : Indonesia

Coffee Shop, Review

Coffee Concept Amsterdam

It's a cute little coffee and sandwich bar located the city center of Amsterdam. One of my favourites place to go as well. The best part is, I can order sandwich online during my lunch break. The sandwiches here are pretty big with fresh ingredients and they are absolutely delicious too. I could say, possibly… Continue reading Coffee Concept Amsterdam

Coffee Shop, Review

Filosofi Coffee

One the hippest coffee shop in Jakarta. Located in south Jakarta, this place is always crowded. To be honest, I'm not a fan of this place. The coffee was okay but the cashier and the barista werent friendly at all. I'm an Indonesia who live in the Netherlands. We all know that when it comes… Continue reading Filosofi Coffee