Short Trip : Indonesia

I’m so bad. The minute I stopped working, I immediately looked for cheap ticket to get out of The Netherlands. Last month I went to Indonesia for 10 days just because I found cheap plane ticket. Emirates had promotion. You can get return ticket Amsterdam – Jakarta – Amsterdam for €500.  So I’m off to go.

I stayed mostly in Jakarta. But I traveled to Palembang to visit one of my brothers because I just became an Auntie for the second times. My sister-in-law just gave birth to beautiful and healthy baby girl.

I also went to Singapore to pick up my Macbook 😊😊😊. Actually this is one of my reasons to Indonesia as well. To buy Macbook in Singapore which €550 cheaper than in the Netherlands. I’m very stingy that way.

Back to the Netherlands with new laptop and got myself a new job. Everything went well. I’m happy and my wallet is happy too

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