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Kun Lee Palace – Den Haag

The best dimsum restaunt in the Netherlands by far. So far, it’s the most legit Dim Sum I’ve had in the Netherlands. Every year, this restaurant is our meet up place. The Chinese waiter never laughed, didn’t say anything to us, but yeah, we’re used to that at Kee Lun Palace. The interiour is very old and the toilets are really bad. but if you can look past that. Kee Lun Palace is a great experience.

Because we always come in large group, we always make reservations. Because at Kee Lun Palace, it’s better to have a reservation. Otherwise, you wont be seated.

Arrived on time at the restaurant. We had to wait a bit, but that’s normal. If you’re here for the food; that’s awesome! Really good, tasty dim sum, not too salty. We had a lot of dim sum that arrived at the table in a quick tempo, but we liked that. The food in our table is absolutely delicious.


It was 8 ladies in one round table and we managed to devour our food in no time.


All in all, Kun Lee Palace always delivers. We really love to eat here.

Kun Lee Palace

Wagenstraat 95

2512 AS Den Haag

Opening Hours : Mon – Sun    11.00 – 22.00

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