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Seleraku – Den Haag

Indonesian restaurant that serves delicious authentic Indonesian cuisine plus an excellent service makes the dining experience positively memorable. They have Bakmie Ayam as well in their menus. It's my favourite comfort food. It was delicious. but one problem tho, its too far from where I live. So coming here, it's like a treat. The restaurant… Continue reading Seleraku – Den Haag

Restaurant, Review

Kun Lee Palace – Den Haag

The best dimsum restaunt in the Netherlands by far. So far, it's the most legit Dim Sum I've had in the Netherlands. Every year, this restaurant is our meet up place. The Chinese waiter never laughed, didn't say anything to us, but yeah, we're used to that at Kee Lun Palace. The interiour is very… Continue reading Kun Lee Palace – Den Haag