Coffee Shop, Review

Coffee Roastery Amsterdam

I’ve been meant to visit this place for quite some times since I still gave class in Broderostraat. But since my class was always in the evening and they were already closed at 6 PM, so it was a bit impossible. The place itself is located a bit far from the center of Amsterdam, but I think it’s worth the effort to go there anyway.

So today I decided, it now or never. Since I had a day off. First impression, big and spacious place. Bright and good layout as well.


It’s not only coffeebar, but its more like cafe where you can have breakfast, brunch or lunch here. Big selection of menus. But since I came here for coffee, so coffee it is then. I choose latte. The coffee was okay, it wasnt the best but the ambience of the cafe is relax and it’s not busy at all. I might come again to try their cakes and sandwiches.


Coffee Roastery

Jan Pieter Heijestraat 143a

1054 MG Amsterdam

Opening Hours :

Mon – Fri             08.00-18.00

Sat – Sun              09.00- 18.00


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