Coffee Shop, Review


Another week, another coffee shop. Yesterday I went to small coffee shop in Elandsgracht area. I’ve heard a lot about them. 

First impression, it was small and nice place. Even though it was packed. The staff was nice and friendly. It’s always a good thing. They serve coffee, juice, cakes, sandwiches and toast. They have free wifi as well.

The coffee was okay. I ordered cappuccino and red velvet muffin. But I think I got cafe latte. I always like my cappucino foamy. I always check how thick the foam in my cappuccino. So, yes, I’m a bit whiny when people ruined it. But okay, after a long grueling day… coffee is coffee.

All and all, it was okay. But I couldnt say it was the best.



Elandsgracht 53

1016 TN Amsterdam

Opening Hours :     Mon – Sun     08.00 – 18.00

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